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okay screw everything. i just like cannot make this costume. who knew making a wookie costume would be so difficult. i’ll do something simple. buy myself a boba fett hat from walmart or somethign and call it a day. i’ve like had it with building cosplays. actually i haven’t. i’m just frustrated right now. i’ll never actually get over building cosplay costumes. has anyone ever tried building one of these things? it’s so freaking hard. if anyone has ever built one before and they would like to help me i will love you forever. seriously. i will mail you like a million dollars or something. this is some crazy crap.



I leave you with another cool blog here at and a awesome Star Wars Cosplay ;).

lame cosplay

lame cosplay

Jar Jar Binks is No More

So I just talked to my friends and they definitely convinced me Jar Jar Binks was not the way to go. I think they’re biased, but I don’t want to spend my time creating something nobody else is going to like. Call me weak minded but it’s the truth. I think instead I’m going to do a Wookie costume. Cute and dangerous. Everyone loves wookies right? It’s a great think to aspire to be in life. Plus I can walk around and make all the crazy wookie noises. Hopefully nobody else there will be dressed as a wookie though. That would super suck. Then I’ll have to punch all my friends in the face for making me switch costumes!


Wookie Cosplay!

Star Wars Cosplay – Tim

Okay okay. I know everyone hates Jar Jar Binks, but I honestly have to admit, when I was little and I saw the movies I thought he was the shiz! Maybe that does say something about his character that I liked him as a kid. He seems to be a little too goofy for the movies as an adult, and the way he talks is super frustrating. However, that being said I think I would like to do a Jar Jar Binks costume. I’ve done Darth Maul, Darth Bane, Anakin Skywalker, Boba Fett. I’ve been putting off the Jar Jar Binks costume because I know nobody likes him. I don’t want to be the most hated person at the convention. Honestly, I know I can do a good job making it, but what’s the point of making it if everyone is going to hate you because the character you dressed as is terrible? What do you think? Jar Jar Binks? Yay or Nay?



Jar Jar Binks Cosplayer



Worst Jar Jar Binks Ever!


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